At VisionLynk, we offer proven solutions designed to cater to your business and your clients. Below you will find some samples of our work. The opportunities are endless! If you can dream it, we can create it.

We exist to connect YOUR vision to YOUR donors.

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My work with The Upper Room has partnered me with VisionLynk for 20+ years.

In all those years, the work they have provided for us has always been top quality and always done to our expectations. 

Don’t know what we would do without our good friends at VisionLynk.  They make any project we send them so easy and worry-free. 

Beth Wakefield - Donor Relations Manager

The Upper Room

Appeals & Acquisitions


Appeals are a great way to engage with your donors. These tell a compelling story, show a clear call to action, have powerful images, and dynamic subjects that are a proven strategy in successful fundraising.

Every organization is in a battle against attrition. The only way to keep your donor base from shrinking is to consistently add to it. Acquisition is vital to gaining new donors and keeping your ministry moving forward.

Newsletters & Catalogs

Newsletters are vital to keeping your donors in the loop and demonstrating how their dollars are changing the world. 

They're a great way to further promote your causes and share stories, statistics and imagery that build a long-lasting relationship with your supporters.



In today’s world, video is everywhere  - through storytelling, nonprofit organizations can harness the power of emotion to move donors and inspire action.

Video gets results:
  • Video drives 157% increase in organic traffic.
  • Viewers retain 95% of a message when they watch it in a video compared to 10% when reading it in text.

E-News & Newsletters

Digitizing your Appeals and Newsletters enhances both your online and direct mail fundraising strategies. It's also the most cost-effective way to expand your reach.


Emails and e-newsletters are more likely to be shared and forwarded through social media by your donors within their personal and professional networks.


Brochures & Annual Reports

Brochures and annual reports are a fantastic way to effectively communicate your value to a wide-range of supporters.


A compelling pictorial brochure or annual report can spark positive conversation about your organization’s cause, identity, strategy, direction, and purpose. 

Postcards & Invitations

Everyone reads postcards. As soon as it's in the hands of a donor, client, or benefactor to be, your message is front and center. Postcards are a great way to get your message across quickly and at a low cost.

The personal touch of a traditional printed invitation is still one of the best ways of reaching your targeted guests. Combining that with social media and other forms of online communication insures your events are well attended and successful.


Website Development

From creating your brand, imagery, a comprehensive marketing approach, compelling written content, to your digital online presence. 


 We're experts in digital marketing & we offer direct results designed to cater to your business & clients.

VisionLynk is an agency serving non-profits. We offer results designed to cater to your

business & clients, using marketing, fundraising, and branding solutions.

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