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Client A

Expanding Your Footprint with


Client campaign goals for #GivingTuesday, Summer Programs, and Arizona Gives Day were to sponsor disadvantaged children, youth, and families. Because of the pandemic their community desperately needed our services which included a drive-thru food bank, online summer program courses, and an upgrade on educational equipment. 

The graft illustrates their goals and actual results. 

Our strategy for getting the most out of #GivingTuesday, Summer Programs, and Arizona Gives Day was built around a MULTI-CHANNEL approach.


  1. Direct mail awareness packages

  2. Strategic e-blasts – all with a call to action 

  3. Social Media with Facebook posts and Facebook Ads.


Client B

Regenerating Your LAPSED Donors

1. We Define what “lapsed” means to your organization.  Some say 2 years without donating, others say 6 months, or even 5 years.  It depends on your fundraising cycle and organizational needs. 

2. Let’s Figure out who has lapsed.  This is only possible if you’re keeping good records. This means that you’re going to let some folks “slide” if they haven’t hit that threshold you defined in step 1 yet and you’re going to write off the ones who donated too long ago.

3. We need prioritize among those in this group.  You may wish to prioritize the more recent lapsed donors, or the ones who were (or are likely to be) more generous.  You may figure out some other strategic approach. You can’t approach them all the same way, so you need to work on reactivating some more than others.

4. Group the prioritized lapsed donors according to why they have lapsed. This is no time to be shy–find out, if you don’t already know why, the donor has moved on.  The decision could be for many different reasons, only some of which are your organization’s fault.  But you can’t try to win them back all the same way. Former donors who have already died, for example, will be impossible to bring back. Let's remove them for your list.

Client C

Fundraising Goals

Our client revenue increased from 2017 - 2020 by 52%. Combining direct mail pieces such as appeals, acquisitions, annual reports, newsletters, reactivation appeals, targeted mailing lists, they surpassed their annual goal!

Direct Mail Tactics

  • Appeals

  • Acquisitions

  • Reactivation Appeals

  • Newsletters

  • Annual Reports

  • Targeted Mailing Lists


How can we serve you?

Our team of dedicated, talented individuals are here to help your ministry grow – by connecting your vision to the hearts of your supporters.

About Us

With our 30 plus years of experience, we understand your passion and the many challenges you face. We look forward to working with you to discover the next steps you can take to build a strong donor partnership.


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