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Summarized Statement of Faith and Religious Purpose

1. The owners of VisionLynk are followers of Jesus Christ.​

2. The owners believe that Jesus Christ requires that all His followers strive to live their lives in a manner that is consistent with the precepts and doctrines of their faith, which are grounded solely in the Bible.​

3. The owners therefore seek to operate VisionLynk in accordance with the principles of their faith and strive to make all business decisions according to Biblical principles. ​

4. In light of the owners’ faith VisionLynk exists to bring glory to God and share His truth with its employees, customers, and community by serving them according to principles that honor and glorify Him.​

5. To this end, VisionLynk seeks to fulfill Jesus’ command to love our neighbors as ourselves and to do unto others as we would have done unto us by serving our customers with love and excellence.​

6. VisionLynk wants its service to the community to bear witness to its owners’ faith in Christ, and also to Christ’s Lordship over its owners’ lives.  As a business with creative and expressive aspects, VisionLynk seeks to support the communication of messages which promote its Owners’ beliefs, and to refrain from promoting messages which are contrary to those beliefs.​

7. The owners of VisionLynk will seek to prioritize these religious, ethical, and moral principles regardless of the impact on profit.

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