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2020 GivingTuesday 


#GivingTuesday is November 30th – are you ready? Do you have a multichannel marketing plan in place to make sure you get the most of this annual fundraising opportunity?


Don’t be caught unprepared. A well-thought-out strategy will put your organization in front of your donor at the right place at the right time to take advantage of what GivingTuesday has to offer. 


Don’t let your organization be caught unprepared.

Plan and execute your most successful Giving Tuesday with helpful tips.

Get The Timiming Right

Giving Tuesday falls on a Tuesday, but you can start your messaging up to a month ahead of time with print, email and social media promotions, including on the weekend. Add a follow-up messaging on Wednesday or Thursday to thank your donors?

Use Social Media

Donors look to others to decide when and where to give. Social media is the perfect platform to push out Giving Tuesday messaging. Tell your story at Giving Tuesday on all your social channels, and encourage social sharing whenever possible.

Think Multichannel

Even though Giving Tuesday thrives on digital platforms, don't neglect other communication channels at your disposal, such as your print newsletters, appeals, or acquisitions. Get the word out!


Contact us today for a FREE consultation! Together we can build an affordable campaign that will get your donors excited and ready to support you on Giving Tuesday!

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My work with The Upper Room has partnered me with VisionLynk for 20+ years.

In all those years, the work they have provided for us has always been top quality and always done to our expectations. 

Don’t know what we would do without our good friends at VisionLynk.  They make any project we send them so easy and worry-free. 

Beth Wakefield - Donor Relations Manager

The Upper Room

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