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Are you retaining your donors?

PROBLEM: You’ve poured a significant amount of resources into acquiring new partners only to find that your list isn’t growing and perhaps even shrinking.
SOLUTION: Plug the holes in your list building strategy by using three simple steps.

1. Keep your partners up-to-date on what they care about most.

Donors mainly care about one thing – the impact they are making through your organization. Keep your partners engaged by making sure your communication paints that picture well and often.

2. Thank your partners for their support in a timely manner.

When you receive a gift, how are you thanking your donors? It’s critical that your message is meaningful, personal and above all, timely. If possible, thank you messages should be sent within 48 hours of receiving a gift.

3. Track your progress.

There is no way of knowing if your strategy is making a difference if you don’t track your efforts. Set a retention rate goal and adjust your strategy accordingly throughout the year.

It’s easy to keep your relationships flowing in the right direction if you have the correct tools in place. Is your donor retention strategy watertight? If not, we can help!

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