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2022 January Blog

Is your fundraising strategy in place for 2022? Are you prepared to grow, or are you ok with the status quo?

2022 and beyond, fundraising won't get any easier, but that doesn't mean you can't continually improve your strategies and approach!

In fact, in just a matter of a few days, we can help you implement a fundraising strategy that will take you to the next level.

A targeted multichannel approach drives growth and improves donor loyalty within your organization. But for today’s tech-savvy consumer, consistent messaging and removal of barriers across all channels is key.

These simple steps will make your multichannel campaign more effective than you ever thought possible:

With all the forms of communication available to your donor today it’s easier than ever for your message to go unnoticed. Cut through the noise! A highly targeted, single-focused, direct mail campaign combined with an email and social media follow-up can yield great results.

Sound interesting? Want to know more? Call today at 623-225-7031 for a free consultation or email me at


Your Direct Mail Development and Digital Marketing Solution. VisionLynk was founded on a simple principle…to serve with excellence those serving our community.

As an agency serving non-profits, we offer the latest marketing, fundraising & branding techniques that will generate the results you are looking for.

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