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It used to be that the only way for nonprofits to communicate with donors was through direct mail. All that has changed.

Today, connecting with your supporters using a multi-channel approach is a must. The question isn't either/or, it's how do you integrate your online (email, website, social media) and offline (direct mail, appeals, newsletters, acquisitions and more) strategy to take your fundraising results to new heights.

An easy first step is to take your newsletters on a digital journey.

To learn more about how integrated marketing can boost your organization's results, contact us today.

Want to learn more? Click the contact us button below.

VisionLynk is an agency serving non-profits. We offer results designed to cater to your business & clients, using marketing, fundraising and branding solutions. At VisionLynk,

we are committed to providing assistance to help reach your donors – not just during the holidays, but throughout the year.

VisionLynk | (623) 225-7031 | Email | Website | Contact Us

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